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Biblical NameMeaning or HistoryGender
Hadassah (Hadasa)
Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian maid, was Ishmael's mother.Female
Haggai (Chagai)
The name’s root is חגג, which means: to circumscribe, to dance, to celebrate.Male
Haggith (Chagit)
The name’s root is חגג, which means: to circumscribe, to dance, to celebrate.Female
Hamutal (Chamutal)
Hamutal was the wife of King Josiah and the mother of King Jehoahaz.Female
Hanan (Chanan)
There are few people called Hanan in the Bible. One of them of one of King David's heros.Male
Hannah (Chana)
Hannah was Elkanah's wife and the mother of the prophet Samuel.Female
Harel (Har'el)
Combined of the words הר (har, "mountain") and אל (el, "God"), the meaning of the name Harel is "the mountain of God". The altar in the Temple is called "harel" or "ariel".Male
Hen (Chen)
Charm, grace.FemaleMale
Hepher (Hefer, Chefer)
Hepher is the name of a city and a region within the land of Manasseh.Male
Hephzi-bah (Hefziba, Heftziba)
חֶפְצִיבָּה (חֶפְצִי-בָהּ)
The meaning of the name "Hephzi-bah" is "I want her". This name is used by the prophet Isaiah to refer to Jerusalem: "But thou shalt be called Hephzi-bah" (Isaiah 62, 4).Female
Hezekiah (Hizkiya, Chizkiya)
חִזְקִיָּה (חִזְקִיָּהוּ)
The name Hezekiah seems to be composed of the word "חוזק" (chozek, "strength") and the letters יה (God's name).Male
Hiddai (Hidai, Hiday)
הִדַּי (הידי)
Hiddai was one of King David's heros.Male
Hillel (Hilel)
הִלֵּל (הילל)
(He) praised, glorified. The past tense masculine singular form of the verb לְהַלֵּל (lehalel).Male
Hobab (Hovav, Chovav)
חֹבָב (חובב)
Hobab was the son of Raguel, Moses' father in law.Male
Hosea (Hoshea, Hoshe'a)
Save! Rescue! (imperative)Male
Huldah (Hulda, Chulda)
חֻלְדָּה (חולדה)
In the Bible: a woman's name. Later on: also "rat".Female

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