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Biblical NameMeaning or HistoryGender
Ibri (Ivri)
An offspring of Eber, Shem's grandson; Jewish, Israelite.Male
Iddo (Ido)
עִדּוֹ (עִדּוֹא, עידו)
There are several people called Iddo in the Bible. One of them is the prophet Zechariah's grandfather.Male
Iddo (Ido)
אִדּוֹ (אידו)
Ilai (1) (Ilay)
Ilai was one of the heros of King David.Male
Immanuel (Emanuel, Imanuel, Imanu'el)
עִמָּנוּאֵל (עימנואל)
The meaning of the name "Immanuel" is "God is with us".FemaleMale
Isaac (Yitschak)
The Biblical story relates the name יצחק (Isaac) to the verb לצחוק (laugh): "And Abraham was an hundred years old when his son Isaac was born unto him. And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me." Genesis 21, 5-6Male
Isaiah (Yeshaaya, Yeshaayahu)
יְשַׁעְיָה (יְשַׁעְיָהוּ)
The first part of the name "Isaiah" is derived of the root יש"ע, which denotes salvation. The other part of the name - the letters יהו - is the name of God.Male
Ishi (Yishi, Yish'i)
The meaning of the name "Ishi" is "my salvashion (יֶשַׁע, yesha)".Male
Israel (Yisrael, Yisra'el)
According to the Biblical explanation, the first part of the name "Israel" is derived of the verb לִשְׂרות (lisrot, "wrestle"); the second half of the name is אֵל (El, "God"). This name was given to Jacob because he wrestled with God's angel.Male
Issachar (Yisachar)
According to the Biblical explanation, the name Issachar is related to the word "שָׂכָר" (sachar, "reward", "wages").Male
Ithamar (Itamar, I’tamar)
Ithamar was one of the sons of Aaron, the high priest.Male
Ithiel (Itiel, Iti'el)
The meaning of the name is "God (אֵל) is with me (אִיתִי)".Male
Ittai (Itay)
אִתַּי (איתי)
This was the name of one of King David’s friends (2 Samuel 15, 19-22). It was also the name of one of King David’s heros (2 Samuel 23, 29).Male
Izhar (Yitzhar)
Refined fresh olive oil.Female

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