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Learn Biblical Hebrew
eTeacher's Classical Hebrew program (Biblical Hebrew), will help you increase your understanding and appreciation of Biblical texts in their original language while learning the Hebrew Language.

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Learn Hebrew
At eTeacher we enable you to learn the modern, spoken Hebrew that is the daily language of millions in Israel as well as Jewish people around the world. eTeacher offers courses for adults, and special classes for children age 7-17 as well.

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Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese online with experienced teachers from China! eTeacher's Chinese content team is comprised of Chinese language experts with experience and knowledge of conventional teaching methods gained at leading universities.

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Learn English
Mastery of English is the best way to help you become a global citizen.
eTeacher is proud to present the best native English instructors from the United States, teaching you English for personal, business, academic, or travel needs.

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Special Links

Learn Biblical Hebrew
Learn to read the Bible in its original language with teachers from the Holy land, Live online courses.
Learn Biblical Hebrew blog
eTeacher Biblical Hebrew Blog is providing a unique opportunity to learn Hebrew as it was spoken in biblical times via stories from the Bible and the ancient times.
Biblical Hebrew newsletter
Read about the rich and fascinating world of the Bible, learn a little bit more every week about the history, archeology and other topics related to Biblical times.
Weekly Bible Portion
Learn about the meaning of the weekly portion.
Find out why we read it, how often and where was it originally taken from.
Biblical Hebrew by Wikipedia
Read about Biblical Hebrew in Wikipedia encyclopedia.
Learn Hebrew Phrases
Free English- Hebrew translation guide
Learn Hebrew Names
Learn Hebrew Names brings a vast collection of Hebrew, Jewish and Biblical names including their meaning, history and their citation from the bible. This site is a great resource for parents looking for baby names and even for people who wish to learn more about their own name.
English-Chinese dictionary
Learn to translate common English phrases to Pinyin and Chinese characters.
My Chinese Name
My Christmas Card
Greet your loved ones to Christian holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving and much more
Bible Names
Find the meaning of Biblical names and Biblical Hebrew names
Biblical Hebrew Videos
Our new channel on YouTube presents a fascinating glimpse into the world of Biblical studies. Here you will find new weekly portions and short Biblical Hebrew lessons. You can even subscribe to our channel and be the first to know when a new video is published.